Glo'ing For Beginners

Hey Glo Babe!!


We are OBSESSED with spray tanning, it has become many babes new favorite thing! This type of tan gives you the BEST results above any self tanning product that you can use yourself. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting a spray tan if you want the best color with the longest lasting results

You prep the same way you would as if you were applying self tanner, making sure to shave and exfoliate the night before with oil free products.


It is so important NOT to apply ANY SKIN PRODUCTS whatsoever prior to your spray tan! This includes: deodorant, moisturizer, and makeup.

You choose can wear a pair of underwear for some modesty, but what you wear is totally up to you. You can go in your birthday suit, wear underwear, wear pasties (provided at the salon), or even a swimsuit.


Once stripped down, Contessa "CoCo" Parsons applies blocking lotion to my feet, hands and fingernails.


CoCo has a pair of “sticky feet” to wear while she sprays you to protect the bottoms of your feet from getting solution on them. She also provides a hair net while she sprays.


Spray away!


This next step, you can only have the luxury of getting at CoCo Glo Bar. Once CoCo has completed the spray tan (takes about 10-15 mins), she will apply CoCo Glo Spray Tan Finishing Powder. This stuff is the HOLY GRAIL! It is a finishing powder applied 1-2 mins after the spray tan has completed that allows you to get dressed feeling completely dry! This powder acts as a barrier so that the spray tan doesn’t get all over your clothes or car seats. It helps set the spray tan while it’s developing and eliminates the post-spray sticky feeling, leaving my skin feeling silky soft with a beautiful shimmer and a clean fresh summery scent.


Depending on what spray tan option you go with will determine the allotted time to wait until showering after your spray tan.


The OG blends are 8-12 hr

The Quickie blends are 1-4hr


It is so important NOT to use body soap the first time you shower because this cuts down on the life of your tan! Just rinse in luke-warm water until your bronzer free.

Your tan will be the darkest within 24 hours. At this time you can go back to using Glo Soap Bar and CoCo Tanning moisturizer on your body. Your skin needs extra hydration with a spray tan, so make sure to apply a moisturizer daily.


PRO TIP: ALWAYS schedule your spray tan at least two days before any major event, trip, or occasion.


Ready to glo?


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