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My toughest year

I never imagined the struggles I would have endured this year, let alone the aftermath still looming from it all. If you have followed my journey, you know I went from the HIGHEST of highs to the LOWEST of lows. It all started when my old business partner decided to cut ties with all of us educators without warning and without a real reason or an apology for us having dedicated over 2 years of our time, energy and money split between our brand and hers. It was really hard to think someone I had worked with so closely for the past 2 years could dispose of me so easily. That moment changed a lot for me, my confidence was shattered, I felt worthless. I tried to recover masking my pain with funny reels and keeping much of it to myself, but it was all just bubbling inside. Then July came, my whole world came crashing down when I received a devastating phone call my fiancée was in the ICU in Puerto Rico hanging on by a thread, after a month of him being in a coma he was finally able to be discharged and come back stateside to start his healing and recovery journey. As the months have gone by, we are still not out of the woods, every day is a blessing, and it scares me every moment thinking that could change in an instant. I took roughly a 30k loss this year between lack of bookings and purchases and I was ready to give it all up. Falling into hole of debt, I kept a brave face, but the truth is I was/am still broken I need the support of my community, the community I have dedicated the past 5 years serving while also sharing my skills and knowledge with others in the community so they too may start their own sunless brand. I am the SOLE provider for my little family and it's with the support of my community that keeps me going and keeps my family with food in their bellies and a roof over their heads. I want to continue to serve and show up 100% and be the fun, vibrant, vivacious CoCo you all know and love, but it's been really hard this year and I feel very defeated. As I sit here writing this today, with the feeling of defeat I am still not counting myself out. I am going into next year with a new perspective, new goals, and new sense of direction. Life is short, it can change in a split second. I am going into 2023 living every day as if it's my last with my fiancé and continue serving my community the best way I know how. I want to thank those for sticking with me and not giving up on me. Thank you for supporting me and showing me that there are still people out there who want to see me shine and grow. I see you; I love you; I appreciate you. Here's to LIVING in 2023 xoxo CoCo

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