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No Holiday Weight Gain November

We all know this time of year can wreck havoc on our waistlines and while it might be easy for us ladies to throw on an oversized sweater and some leggings on and call it a day, we inevitably know we can't rock that look forever. Once the snow starts to melt and the warmth comes back we find ourselves in a state of panic thinking we only have so much time to get bikini ready and we are stuck wishing we hadn't indulged so much during the holidays. Well...what if I told you that you can still indulge during this holiday season without the added weight gain by incorporating a FIT Body Wrap session 1-2x a week would you do it? Let me entice you a bit more, what if I added that not only will you burn 300-900 calories during a single session, but you will continue to burn calories for the next 24-48hrs post session. Starting to peak you interest I know, I had you at "still indulge without the added weight gain" already, but now it sounds much more appealing.

The FIT Body Wrap here at CoCo Glo Bar is one of our newest and innovated self serve services that allows you the client to relax in a private room for up to 50 minutes while being able to take advantage of ALL the benefits this service has to offer such as the following: -Body contouring/reshaping

-Fat and weight reduction


-Skin enhancement

-Improved appearance of cellulite

The FIT Bodywrap takes the meaning of body wrapping to a whole new level. This commercial grade infrared body wrap system delivers clinically proven, soothing and effective infrared rays to the body. Similar to lying in a sleeping bag and due to the shape, your body is fully covered to reduce the amount of cold spots. During the session we can adjust the level of heat within 4 different zones consisting of arms, abdomen, upper legs, and lower legs. Far infrared energy works at the molecular level by vibrating cell structure. This helps break the connections between deposits, such as fats and toxins which in turn generates heat that is absorbed through the skin. Cellular vibration also: -Increases dermis temperature

-Enlarges blood vessels

-Stimulates blood circulation

-Activates metabolism in tissues and cells

Most people don’t sweat enough and sweat not only cools your body, but it acts as a garbage collector. Antiperspirants, artificial environments, smog, synthetic clothing, and a relatively idle physical lifestyle will clog skin pores and inhibit the healthy flow of sweat. As you will learn, sweat can reverse all of these detrimental side effects! Relaxing in a FIT Bodywrap could be the most vigorous activity you’ve had all day! The heat produces an artificial “fever” and every organ of your body jumps into action. While you look and feel relaxed, your inner organs are as active as though you were jogging or swimming. At the same time, your body is being cleansed from the inside out by your skin, which is busy sweating to get rid of all that waste. Ninety-nine percent of what sweat leaves on the surface of your skin is water. The remaining one percent is that undesirable waste.

Sweating is such an effective de-toxifier that that it even draws out lactic acid which causes stiff muscles and contributes to general fatigue. Sweat also flushes out toxic metals such as copper, lead, zinc, and mercury, which your body absorbs in polluted environments. Sweating can remove the daily build up of heavy metals from your body that would normally take your kidneys 24 hours or more to eliminate.

So, if you decided to skip down to the bottom here are your key takeaways, the infrared heat system causes you to perspire, which rids your body of excess water and toxins. This means, you’re losing not only calories but also inches, too! When used consistently roughly six to ten 50-minute sessions with the FIT Body Wrap can take you down a whole clothing size! Infrared body wraps are considered safe and non-invasive, providing patients with a fast and relaxing way to detoxify, regenerate, and beautify. Relax and be ready to let the FIT Body Wrap sculpt your figure into a shapely silhouette by cocooning you in an infrared heated thermal wrap, while your metabolism continues to work in overdrive for up to 36 hours post treatment. Results are noticeable after one treatment. Slimmed-down figures will be gifted with rejuvenated smooth skin, lessened joint pain, reduced cellulite, and an amazing feeling of well being. Book your session today and experience the new way to sweat! xoxo CoCo

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