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Workouts & Spray Tans

Hey babes it's Contessa your Idaho Spray Tan Class Educator and owner of CoCo Glo Bar dropping some quick tips on how to maintain your sunless tan and still workout.

For my gym goers, athletes, fitness models I prefer to use Rapid development solution blends as they trend to be more forgiving with sweat and friction.

Next time you get a glo ask your artist for a rapid blend, and artists test out this trick with your fitness clients.

Alright let's go over some pro tips to keep your glo looking good while maintaining your workout routine

1. If you know you exercise and sweat a lot, the first tip is to apply a unscented lightweight moisturizer, this helps create a barrier so the lotion will break down before your sunless tan does.

2. Be careful what you wear

Choose your gym gear carefully. Look for seamless leggings made of thin, breathable materials so they act like a second skin Or choose loose leggings which allow the air to flow to your skin.

3. Apply body powder to sweaty areas

Before slipping into your sports bra, sprinkle some body powder on the chest and under the arms. Work it in with a bronzer brush and do the same to the inner arms and backs of knees. Think of where your skin rubs together; the powder will create slip and prevent friction which breaks down your tan.

4. Have cool showers and moisturize afterwards

After you exercise, shower in cool water, gently press-dry the skin and moisturize generously all over. It's also a good idea to use the hairdryer at the gym on the cold setting to cool down the body to avoid excess sweating. I hope implementing these 4 Pro tips you'll see a HUGE difference in the longevity of your sunless tan! Happy Glo'ing Booski SHOP | LEARN | GLO | BOOK #spraytansforskincare www.cocoglobar.com 963 S Orchard St Ste 202 Boise ID 83705

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