In-Person Beginners

Beginner Certification Training
It’s like Spray Tan 101 but it’s anything but basic. We’ll dive into the fundamentals of DHA, technique, skin, solution + equipment in addition to learning about marketing + business operations, legal forms, sales education, and a hell-of-alot more—so newbies can feel fully prepped and raring to open their own sunless businesses!


Advanced Body Contour

Ready to take your spray tanning skills to the next level by adding full body contour?!
Kim K made contouring a thing, now you can make body contouring a hot thing you offer.
Body contouring is how you carefully shade different muscles, curves and parts throughout the body to create fierce look that helps your client to look tanned, toned and beach-ready in the matter of minutes. Whats not to love? Check with your board of cosmetology to see if you need a license.

We’ve helped hundreds of women around the world go (way) beyond ‘picking up a gun and spraying’ and into becoming hotshot artists and savvy as hell business owners. Completing spray tan courses, spray tan certifications, and learning how too spray tan professionally, can be daunting but with a squad of glow girls by your side, no need to fret!

We will teach the the exact steps you need to know in order to become a confident, successful spray tanning queen. From proper technique to education on the best brands of solution, business marketing + operations and a sprinkle of insight on how we’ve grown into a multi-six figure spray tanning business, you will have all the knowledge you will need to get started. You are learning from the women who have DONE it.

When you choose to work with us, we are invested in your education, growth + understanding of what it truly takes to get (+ stay!) in the business. #GLOWINGandGROWINGtogether

It’s a fast-growing, billion dollar industry.
But there’s one snag: not to throw shade, but all trainings are not created equal. And I’m betting that you don’t just want to be an “okay,” “2.5 star” spray tan artist….or an aimless business owner with no plan for profitability. You have high standards and you’re sharp enough to know that your (future) customers do too.

Well you’re in the right place because here at Spray Tan Class we’re all about equipping and empowering spray tan artists to be top-notch business owners/glow bosses.

This is the difference between being business owner that doesn’t have clarity, direction or the right skill set to feel confident enough to start or grow their business.

Choosing the right spray tan training program is absolutely essential to your own growth + success in the industry. The educational piece is not a part you want to skimp out on.

If you are truly dreaming of starting your own sunless business, you need to work with individuals who have successfully done the damn thing.

From starting up as a mobile business to quickly getting into our own store front and now traveling and training women all across the globe, we can confidently say “we’ve done it!”. And, now, our job is to help you, too!

Get ready for some intense education, inspiration + transformation.

We are ready to help you grow into the beauty business owner you’ve been dreaming of becoming!

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