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In-Person Private Training

We’re a renowned spray tan training program led by the one of the most respected + prestigious educators in the industry….which means we churn out the most equipped, empowered, and downright READY sunless business owners who go on to build themselves a profitable + fulfilled business and life (hint: that could be you).

You are one decision away from starting a promising new career with limitless earning potential!

Master STC Trainer Contessa
Shadow on Concrete Wall

It’s a fast-growing, billion dollar industry.
But there’s one snag: not to throw shade, but all trainings are not created equal. And I’m betting that you don’t just want to be an “okay,” “2.5 star” spray tan artist….or an aimless business owner with no plan for profitability. You have high standards and you’re sharp enough to know that your (future) customers do too.

Well you’re in the right place because here at Spray Tan Class we’re all about equipping and empowering spray tan artists to be top-notch business owners/glow bosses.

This is the difference between being business owner that doesn’t have clarity, direction or the right skill set to feel confident enough to start or grow their business.

Choosing the right spray tan training program is absolutely essential to your own growth + success in the industry. The educational piece is not a part you want to skimp out on.

If you are truly dreaming of starting your own sunless business, you need to work with individuals who have successfully done the damn thing.

From starting up as a mobile business to quickly getting into our own store front and now traveling and training women all across the globe, we can confidently say “we’ve done it!”. And, now, our job is to help you, too!

Get ready for some intense education, inspiration + transformation.

We are ready to help you grow into the beauty business owner you’ve been dreaming of becoming!

Your One Decision Away